Episode 5 - Ashley Smith

Episode 5 - Ashley Smith


Ashley Smith is a student, mentor, healer and teacher of spiritual cultivation who has spent the past 6 years traveling and living abroad in pursuit of furthering her understanding of Self and her connection to all things Spirit. She studied in the tradition of " Cha Dao", the way of tea, under world renowned tea master and Buddhist monk, Wu De, during her time living in Asia. 

It was while studying tea that she met her most influential mentor, healer and dear sister, Taylor Phinny Russell who she has been working with and assisting on Spiritual journies to the sacred lands of Glastonbury, U.K. Known as the heart chakra of planet Earth, Glastonbury is steeped in the energy of the Goddess and is a spiritual mecca for all awakening to their ancient selves. It is here that Ashley is currently training in the ancient Priestess arts and mysteries with the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, requiring her to make multiple pilgrimages to these transformative lands each year. 

While in St. Petersburg, Ashley spends her time sharing deep and powerful healing sessions with her clients, holding sacred individual and group tea ceremonies, rituals, and meditations for those in the community seeking to cultivate deep inner stillness, profound emotional and spiritual healing and peace. It is her gift and her purpose to help women find harmony through the awakening of the Divine Feminine and re-connection with Mother Earth. You can find out more about Ashley and her offerings at

into the Heart l into the Sacred

Sacred Tea Ceremonies, Women's Awakening, and Intuitive Energetic Healing

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