Why the blog? Why start writing now?

Why the blog? Why start writing now?

Well, the truth is that writing slowly bullied me into this choice.

For years writing kept challenging me. When I was traveling, before the advent of the internet, there would be a nagging voice encouraging the writing of a postcard or buying a journal to pass the time on endless train, plane and bus rides. When I thought of sharing what I wrote the strong visceral sensation of vomiting rose in my throat. But the voices kept coming through the years. I bought books about writing and memoirs about writers. The voice would spring up to let me know a life experience I was having could be seen as comical learning passage, suggesting, “How about you commit it to pen and paper?”

The source of my muse liked slow, deliberate torture. Everyone is aware of the yammering in our heads, going at full speed all day, generating 60,000 ruminations a day. That muttering voice planted equal parts amusement and judgment of self-worth, and kept running 24/7.

Writing, you have created dares and taunted me into this, a blog. This insidious form of writing is a gateway drug to short stories, which could possibly lead to chapters in a book. Writing, with your beguiling siren song in my head, waking me up in the middle of the night to say, “Hey! What’s up with this Notes app on your phone? Maybe start writing in that Notes app on your’s already in your hand all day." Then baiting the hook with, "What could it hurt to join a writing group? Like, not right now because it is the middle of the night, but what about in the morning?”

You must really want something from me, Writing, wooing my fears instead of inflaming them. Dabbling with submitting a few Facebook posts successfully without hecklers, absent of rejection, was its only encouragement.

When you face a fear head-on the realization hits: you are being guided out of the pain of narcissism.

You realize it really isn’t so much about you. The story wants out but it needs to keep its host alive to be birthed.

As writing begins to take shape in your life you find other people’s stories start to stand out. You begin to see how important everyone's story is. It becomes apparent how writing and the process of creating is an integral aspect of healing.

We are all connected by some form of suffering.

We all have an audience that needs our unique voice to be free of mutant stored energies. This how we create our mythology. A way to wake up to the human experience. We begin to understand how we embody archetypes, manifestations of the collective energy of humanity. We start asking questions like, what the hell is an archetype, how did I start using words like that and how is it going to heal this whack voice in my head? How can I become more connected to all humans’ birthright which is joy and compassion?

So what could it hurt to just post what you write?

Coming full circle to the questions of why we start writing, why we start creating. The blog is an answer to not marrying writing just’s just a little romance, dipping my toe in the water and a little light flirting. I can start wooing creativity and sexing it up. To direct the bully’s energy, to find direction to fuel vision, and not turn against me.

Coparenting Sucker Punch

Coparenting Sucker Punch