Kelly Lessem is the co-owner of Squeeze Juice Works, a Mother, globally trained bodyworker, writer, solicited advice offerer and host of the podcast Virgin Territory.


In 2008 I began to experience symptoms of slurred speech, double vision, facial paralysis and choking. I went from one doctor to another in search of the source for these pathologies before being diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. MG is a rare neurological autoimmune condition that keeps the muscles of the body from engaging and firing. 

Looking for natural alternatives to support my health challenge lead to juicing. I teamed up with Amy Losoya to create Squeeze Juice Works. The shops located in St Petersburg and Tampa focus on plant based creations, of juices, shots, food and cleanses. 

I have found that healing involves more than just nutrition. This has lead me to explore the psychological and spiritual sources for imbalance in the body. This exploration lead to creating the podcast Virgin Territory. Part experiment, part creating local folklore VT creates a space for the listener to hear me find my voice and interview the characters who create the story of St. Petersburg.

Another intention for VT was to see if finding peace with the imperfections of my slurred speech could help others find their voice and gifts they might be hiding from. 

Most days you can find me chatting it up with people at Squeeze. Spending time with my daughter Magnolia. Avoiding my writing assignments by meditating. And wondering why I can't stop napping during meditation.